About The Matchmaker

My name is Lara, and I am the founder of The Matchmaker. I am often asked what I can do for others, so I thought I’d share a bit about myself.


This photo of me is on a recent holiday; relaxing, and enjoying a G&T as I do what I do best – people watching! I am a bundle of energy who loves meeting new people (especially singles whom I instinctively begin to match with clients in my head). I am naturally curious and genuinely enjoy learning about others and their life story.


I am divorced after a long marriage (with three wonderful children) and can empathise deeply with those who perhaps went through a messy and less than acrimonious separation/divorce. It’s not an easy time, and eventually facing dating again can be daunting. I’ve been on every dating site/app you can imagine (and I do mean all of them!), and have experienced dishonesty, being stood up, love bombed, gaslighted and many more other negative ‘modern dating terms’ for basically being treated less than I deserve, expect or accept.


I decided to do something about this for myself and the vast amounts of singles I knew who were experiencing the same. I’ve applied my 25 years of marketing, PR, networking, event hosting and introduction skills to set up The Matchmaker. 


It is a discreet service where I can (and do) headhunt singletons, profile them and eventually match with others, and have so much fun whilst doing so!


I collaborate with a team of independent matchmakers in the UK and around the globe (therefore having a large pool of clients to work with), and successfully co-ordinate introductions and organising of dates. 


If you are single, lonely, frustrated, bored and maybe even disenchanted with the entire online dating, then I really am the lady to call! I would love to help you find that amazing partner, and would be thrilled to introduce you to your future… so, get in touch today!