About Our Plans


As you are aware, dating has evolved over the decades and is currently dominated by mass online dating apps and sites.  To join these sites, you simply need to create a profile with no checks which means in reality members can be anything and anyone they choose, and with much dishonesty.  This very impersonal way of trying to find love more often than not causes wasted time, frustration and heartache for many users who are genuinely seeking love. 


With The Matchmaker, quality time is given with each client from the earliest stage; getting to know who they are and ensuring they are authentic. Your safety is very important to us, so never shall we introduce you to anyone we are not certain is genuine.


Within all packages:

-  Visual identity checks

-  Ensuring they are indeed single and genuinely looking for a lasting relationship

-  Confirming they are UK residents


This time given to get to know each client, either within a relaxed meeting in person or over a phone/zoom call, is valuable and essential. This process enables our matchmakers to discover who you are and what you seek. A personal profile is then created for you and handed to our staff to begin their search for appropriate matches (including international matches for Diamond & Platinum memberships).


Within the Platinum membership, we also have a very international relationship and life coach (who will call you at your convenience) for a confidential conversation. She has lived in various countries around the world and is experienced with many different cultures. This will enable a more in-depth and better understanding of who you are and what you are hoping for in a partner. Following this call, a professional and thorough profile will be created, which in turn will allow our matchmakers to have an even clearer idea of who could be your ideal partner.


Introductions and Dates

Depending on the current government guidelines surrounding coronavirus and social distancing rules, dates can occur either virtually, or in person. Our team can assist you in organising a very special date; as magical, romantic and memorable as you would like.


We have provided a wide range for our clients, by organising some very unique and romantic dates which have included virtual cooking together during lockdown, with ingredients and wine delivered to each. Beach walks, picnics, and many other special moments. The only limit is your imagination!