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6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Matchmaker

For many of us mere mortals, dating is rarely an easy endeavour. And dating in the midst of a pandemic, including never-ending lockdown restrictions, has opened up the floodgates to new concerns. Throw in a mix of poor dating etiquette, underwhelming first dates, short-lived flings, and you have a recipe for heartache. But if you’re looking for love, there’s hope. More importantly, there is one viable alternative you can’t afford to ignore. In this blog post, The Matchmaker UK dishes out 6 compelling reasons you should invest in a matchmaker.

But first, some context. There’s no doubt that the pandemic has shifted the way we date in the UK. More singletons are turning to online apps in the hope of finding their match. For one, consider that dating app spending is up 60% in the UK. But dating apps are not without their headaches, with an increasing number of singletons reporting rejection, disrespectful behaviour and even racism online. Moreover, consider that bad dating behaviours like ghosting, apocalypsing, breadcrumbing, and FOMU (fear of meeting up) have become increasingly prevalent. Anyone who has been ghosted after a date (or two) is intimately familiar with the sinking feeling of never hearing from your match again. What’s more, eHarmony researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute found that 95% of users send messages to almost 12 people each week, replying to fewer than seven messages in return. Yikes.

The fatal flaw in dating apps is their uncanny ability to transform users into disposable commodities. And it’s easy to see that this is no way to find meaningful, lasting love. The pandemic has undoubtedly had an impact on dating behaviour, but that’s no reason to despair. The longing for love and connection is a fundamental human need and now more than ever, it’s important to consider alternatives to swiping right (the modern day equivalent of expressing interest in someone online). If you’re tired of spending time and money on dating apps and fruitless first dates (and perhaps even being ghosted); then it’s time to seriously consider investing in a matchmaker.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to invest in a matchmaker today.

  • It’s an investment in your future: Hiring your own matchmaker conjures up feelings of intimidation. You might also think about the impact it might have on your bank account. But as with any investment, it’s equally as important to think of the upside. Put simply, it’s a smart and resourceful investment that will pay dividends down the line. Think of it this way: you already treat yourself once in a while (think: that designer bag you didn’t reallyneed? Or that nice car?) Why not give yourself the gift of a solid chance at finding lasting love? An empathetic, dedicated matchmaker will be committed to learning your criteria in a partner, and will strive to match you with someone who fits your requirements. In other words, the heavy lifting is done for you!

  • Make more time for things that matter: When you sign up to The Matchmaker UK’s bespoke service, we’ll take the time to personally get to know you on a deep level, taking the time to learn about your personality, wants and requirements. Equipped with your profile, we get out there and start proactively searching to find your match! You’ll instantly save the endless amount of time spent searching for a match online (including time spent responding to messages and constantly checking to see if they’ve replied!)

  • Get closer than ever to finding your match: The online dating landscape is overflowing with a mixed bag of potential dating prospects. Some are flaky commitment-phobes while others may just be dipping their toes back into the dating scene. How can you tell the difference? It can be time-consuming, soul-draining and confidence-crushing to sift through a sea of singletons. With the help of our matchmaking service and in-house psychologist, we siphon through and filter out all the subpar matches. We’re committed to making the stars align for you and your prospective match from the outset, so you can look forward to meeting a qualified match who is ready to take the next step in finding love.

  • Beat the Bots: Most online dating platforms leverage the power of AI bots to draw up matches. But do you really want an algorithm to dictate the outcome of your love life? Dating is an entirely human endeavour. And while technology has a certain role to play, as a matchmaker, there’s nothing quite like meeting and getting to know clients on a human level. No AI bot can recreate the intimate, bespoke matchmaking service of connecting two highly compatible relationship-seekers!

  • A confidential, professional experience: When you partner up with your matchmaker, you can rest assured knowing that your affairs will remain confidential. Love and dating encompass entirely personal, intimate affairs. But your relationship with The Matchmaker UK will remain confidential and professional from start to finish. We strive to be your confidant and cheerleader along the way. And in the event that a match doesn’t work out, we’ll be there to pick you up and move you along your journey to finding fulfillment in love.

  • Reap the priceless benefits of working with an experienced, resourceful and successful matchmaker: Are you looking for a unique opportunity to meet someone to share your life with? If you’re ready to ditch the apps, then consider making an investment in a bespoke matchmaking service. Founded during the pandemic, The Matchmaker UK is headed up by powerhouse matchmaker Lara Besbrode, who following a successful 30-year career in PR and marketing has seamlessly transformed her passion for people and networking into helping her clients find lasting love. No stranger to heartbreak herself, she is open about her personal experiences in love and dating, which run the gamut from being ghosted and catfished online to surviving the tangled web of an international divorce. A single mother of three, she effortlessly channels her matchmaking experience, approachability and empathetic nature to help you navigate dating and relationships in real-time. With Lara’s matchmaking guidance on your side, you’ll feel more confident, inspired and motivated to venture into the world of dating and finding love.

If you’d like to take the best shot at finding your match, consider making an investment in your love life. Contact The Matchmaker UK and take your first step towards meeting your special person today.