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The colours that will make you attractive

It’s Friday night and you’ve got a date in one hour. As you rummage through your wardrobe from one outfit to the next, there’s no doubt you want to make a dazzling first impression. It’s no secret that our clothes impact not only how we see ourselves, but also how the world responds to us. When you’re going on a date, your choice of colour has the potential to put both yourself and the other person in a certain mood.

“Colour plays a role in setting the right mood on a date.” says Lara Besbrode, Accredited Matchmaker at The Matchmaker UK. “I encourage my clients to wear colour on a date, whether it’s a red scarf or stylish accessory. We’ve seen greater success with clients who wear some colour.”

Studies from the realm of colour psychology have confirmed that certain colours have the potential to play an important role in dating and sexual attraction. Wearing the colours red or black, in particular, have been shown to heighten attraction. Red is the undisputed colour of passion, energy and dominance, and wearing red to a date increases perceptions of sexual attraction.

To describe this phenomenon, note that evolutionary mechanisms are at play. Research confirms that wearing red communicates signals of sexual fertility and desirability. And interestingly, wearers of red (both men and women) were also more likely to rate themselves as more attractive.

Studies also show that viewers of images depicting women wearing red (or standing against a red background) perceive women as more attractive and sexually receptive. But if you’re not a big fan of wearing red, try experimenting with a different bright colour, like turquoise, which can also help set the mood.

Equally, studies have also found that wearing black also increases perceived attraction. This suggests that cultural and societal attitudes also play a role in how attraction is perceived. But on the other hand, there are some colours that can work against your perceived attractiveness amongst both men and women. If you’re going on a date, stay away from yellow, dark brown, and grey, as these colours tend to lower your perceived attraction. In fact, studies have shown that yellow is amongst the least attractive colours you can wear on a date!

Whether it's subtle (think: red or pink neck scarf) or a red accessory that complements your overall look, take a mental note of your outfit the next time you go on a date. Chances are you’ll be wearing more black or red than you think! No matter what you choose to wear, it’s important to feel and look confident. Colours can help set the right mood, whether it works to calm your date’s nerves or strike a flirty date-night mood.

If you’d like to venture into the dating world with the guidance of a professional, bespoke and discreet matchmaker, contact Lara at The Matchmaker UK today.