On 13 September, Tinder turns 10 years old. That’s 10 years of ghosting, swindling, dating zombies, and yes – even spine-chilling murders. There’s no doubt that Tinder permanently changed the dating landscape. From introducing an incessant swipe culture to launching Blind Date (in response to Gen Z’s request for more authentic connections), Tinder continues to evolve.

As the date app world continues to grow and mature, here at The Matchmaker UK, we are always busy sparking unique introductions using our bespoke, handcrafted approach. If stories of date app fraud and swindling leave you feeling uneasy, we’re only one call away.

Ten Years of Tinder
In 10 years, Tinder’s swipe activity topped 4 billion a day. Since its launch in 2012, the app amassed 500 million downloads and 70+ billion matches. Over the years, we read Tinder tales of ghosting, abuse, toxic hookup culture, and several murder cases.

Tinder responded to these heartwrenching events by introducing face-to-face in-app video calling and photo verification to make dating from home more authentic and safer for its users. In response to harassment, it introduced ‘Are You Sure?’ and ‘Does This Bother You? features to reduce in-app harassment. It also announced its commitment to add ID verification in 2021.

The rise of date apps and Tinder also paved the way for romance fraud and dating scams. Countless unsuspecting users have been lured into the guise of a false relationship by fraudsters they met online.

These sophisticated scammers are not out there to find love. Instead, they’re looking to wreak financial havoc on their victims, with an average loss of £16,000 per victim. Netflix-hit Tinder Swindler showcases a prime example of rampant dating fraud in the online dating industry.

But it’s not all gut-wrenching news. Since its inception, the app has made attempts to do what’s right. For instance, Tinder’s stance on diversity and inclusion led to the introduction of interracial couple emojis – today a feature on keyboards worldwide. Moreover, Tinder worked with governments globally to help members get COVID-19 vaccinations ahead of the summer 2021 dating season.

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