Autumn marks the stunning transition between summer and winter. The crisp air, changing leaves, and plenty of opportunities for charming walks outdoors. The beautiful backdrop of autumn’s aesthetic creates a magical setting that makes falling in love during autumn ever so special.

The time between 23 September and 21 December is filled with festive treats like pumpkin spice lattes, walks in the park with our dogs, Halloween parties (couples costumes!), rom-com movies, and even a spike in libido.

At The Matchmaker UK, we look forward to planning charming autumn dates for our matches. If you’re interested in finding love this autumn, please contact us.

Finding Love When the Air Changes
As the weather cools, science tells us that sex drives spike. For men and women alike, studies show that testosterone is higher during the autumn months than in any other season.

Scientists speculate this may be due to ancient mating instincts or a combination of decreasing daylight and increased social interaction. Regardless of the reasons why sex drives spike in autumn – get out there and it’s time to meet someone new!

Finding love when the air gets crisp
Summer may be one of the best seasons to date, but autumn offers endless cute and cosy date ideas. For one, you’re not sweating your way through your first date and it’s not cold enough to avoid the outdoors (yet).

From cuddling up together to enjoying nature’s spectacle outdoors, here are some fun outdoor date ideas to plan this autumn:

Go for a cosy walk around your local park
Take in the picturesque scenes, kick up some leaves, and indulge in pumpkin spice lattes.

Go pumpkin picking and carve something cute together

Find a local pumpkin patch – ideally one that serves seasonal dishes and drinks. First, pick out your pumpkin as you stroll across the grounds. Then settle in for a cosy evening of drinks and delicious dishes.

Soak in an autumn sunset from a heated terrace
Ideal for dinner, drinks, or both, pick out a heated rooftop terrace for a spectacular date night under the stars.

Walk hand-in-hand at your local farmer’s market
Indulge in the season’s fresh harvest or satisfy your sweet tooth with warm pastries and a cup of tea.

Cuddle up for movie night
Keep it simple and stay at home. Bring the wine and popcorn. Settle on your favourite rom-com (or scary flick) and create an ideal opportunity to cuddle up.

Plan an evening under the stars
Autumn is known as aurora season – because it’s one of the most optimal times to gaze up at the stars and catch the northern lights (or aurora borealis).

The autumn months create an alluring ambiance, paving the way for a refreshing time to meet someone new. What’s better than stumbling into love or meeting your new beau on a chilly autumn evening?

Ready to plan your first autumn date?
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