A new year is here and you’re ready for a new start. If you’ve set new goals for yourself, including love and dating goals, January is a wonderful time to get ahead. Before you start swiping through a plethora of fickle singles on dating apps, consider working with a matchmaker, like The Matchmaker UK, this year. Whether you’re too busy to find that special someone or need someone to hold you accountable through the process, as opposed to diving back into dating apps, we recommend trying something new.

The problem with dating apps is multi-fold. Not only can they hinder your chances of finding the special person, but they’re also capable of doing more harm than good. After matching with a flurry of new potential singles, dating apps can leave you with an initial high. But over time, consistent rejection from unopened messages and flaky daters can harm your mental health. Over time, dating apps have the potential to erode your self-esteem – leading to feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

If you’re truly ready to make a change to your dating life this year, consider working with The Matchmaker UK. Founded by Lara Besbrode, an International Certified matchmaker with over two decades of matchmaking experience, this bespoke, discreet and confidential introductions agency is fully equipped in taking your love life to the next level.

At the outset, you’ll benefit from personal interaction with your dedicated matchmaker who takes the time to get to know your wants and needs. You’ll also benefit from a client vetting process, a done-for-you professional dating profile, professional photography, and access to a dating coach. The Matchmaker UK team specialises in setting up unique and memorable dates – setting you up for success from the first impression.

If you’re not ready to leverage the services of a premium matchmaking agency yet, here are some steps you can take to protect your mental health while browsing dating apps. First, be kind to yourself. Dating is a journey. Not only is it a process of self-discovery and continuous improvement, but many factors remain outside of your control. Second, remember to take a break from swiping. Clients who work with The Matchmaker UK team know that we value quality over quality. Our databases are teeming with high-quality, accomplished and discerning individuals. Finding that special one can take a while. If you’re swiping through matches, be patient as it can take time to find the needle in the haystack! Finally, remember to take care of yourself. January is a promising time to start a new active hobby like yoga or running. It can take time to build a habit, so start small and be consistent.

Beat the January blues and ditch the dating apps! Take the next step towards finding love in 2023. Please contact The Matchmaker UK to find out how we can make the stars align for you and your potential match this year!