When you’re busy celebrating the festival of lights, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the swirl of cheer, family gatherings and feasts. If you’re single this time of year, or recently started dating someone new, you might be wondering how to navigate dating during the 8 days of Chanukah festive season, including what to expect.


For starters, it’s good to know that December is one of the busiest for dating and finding love online. Many singles will turn to dating apps for a quick fling (hello, cuffing season!). But the key is to date with a relaxed, cautiously optimistic attitude, because stress will inevitably chip away at the potential of your budding relationship. After all, your goal is to set a strong and healthy foundation for your relationship.


Lara Besbrode, Certified Matchmaker at The Matchmaker UK, encourages her Jewish singles to enjoy the process of getting to know your new match during Chanukah. While it can be a stressful time, this is also a great way to learn about your partner in a variety of culturally charming settings. Whether it’s a holiday event, intimate family gathering or romantic date, do what feels comfortable for you. If you’re not ready to bring your date to meet the family over for Chanukah celebrations, then don’t. Too early to introduce them to your childhood BFFs? Then wait.


Feel empowered to take the budding relationship as slow (or fast) as you like. Dating during Chanukah should leave you feeling confident and comfortable in your own decision. As opposed to diving into deep, intimate gatherings with friends and family with your new date, try planning one-on-one romantic days or evenings together. If you’ve been on 1 -2 dates, consider ice-skating (hand-in-hand, under the spectacle of lights!), go see a movie together, or sing your hearts out to a karaoke playlist. And if you’ve been dating for more than a couple of months, consider boosting your connection over the 8 days of festivities. Whether it’s exchanging kind words, sharing romance or giving gratitude, there’s plenty of room to be creative!


Remember that dating online during Chanukah can be a little tricky. For one, prepare to factor in an additional layer of complexity as the holiday season falls within cuffing season, a time when many singles will embark on a romantic search for a partner to pass the colder months (which starts in October and ends just after Valentine’s Day). While some say this phenomenon is driven by desperation and loneliness, it’s also important to look at the brighter side of the equation! Human nature is wired to prefer companionship, love and warmth!


If you prefer to match with a quality partner who is more likely to stick around post-cuffing season, consider working with a professional matchmaker. At The Matchmaker UK, we vet our clients from day 1, and tap into the expertise of our dating professionals to learn as much as we can about each one of our clients! If you’re looking for a meaningful, long-lasting relationship, please feel free to contact us. We take a bespoke, discreet approach to connecting you to your potential match.