Spring, the season for new beginnings, is here. The prospect of warmer weather and longer days is officially upon us. It’s not only time to rotate your turtleneck and puffer jacket for something lighter, but it’s also a wonderful time to spring clean your dating strategy! Singles, this is your time to come out of winter hibernation and bloom. In this blog, Lara Besbrode, Accredited Matchmaker and Founder at The Matchmaker UK, serves up fresh advice on how to radiate and attract new love this spring.


  1. Find your inner glow

Whether you’re single, dating, or actively looking, attracting that special someone starts from the inside. If winter and lockdown restrictions dampened your desire to find a partner, it’s time to do whatever it takes to motivate yourself to get out of your rut: whether it’s going for a walk, changing your perspective on dating or trying a new activity. At The Matchmaker UK, we work with our clients to not only get them in the headspace to start dating again, but we also pair each client with a stylist, dating coach and experienced matchmaker.


  1. Get your heart pumping

After months of lazing around at home, bingeing Netflix and dishing out on comfort food, it’s time to break some old habits. If you need a kickstarter, a 2018 report showed that 65% of daters said that dating someone who works out is important. Lara is no stranger to preaching the benefits of an active lifestyle, whether you’re single or taken: “When you’re challenging yourself on a daily basis, pushing yourself to new extremes with a workout challenge, race or goal – your future partner is bound to be impressed and will take notice. Plus, you’ll look and feel better, too!” Take advantage of the warmer weather and motivate yourself to go out for a daily run or join a local gym. You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn about yourself in the process.


  1. Spruce up your wardrobe

Following the pandemic, you’ve likely outgrown your loungewear. As lockdown rapidly fades into a distant memory, your inner fashionista is practically begging for an overdue revival. Make time to visit your favourite shopping district in-person and try new items. Ditch online shopping and make your way to the brick-and-mortar shop. Not only are you more likely to stumble across new shops or items, but you can also make a social event out of the experience!


  1. See and be seen

You’ve found your mojo, completed a few endorphin-boosting workouts, purchased several dazzling outfits: it’s time to get social. Dust off your contact list and get some friends together. Find a trendy rooftop bar, book a short trip or head to a music festival. Whatever you do, keep it light, fun and vibrant.


This spring, endeavour to break old patterns and form new habits on your journey to spring clean your dating strategy. If you need some extra motivation to get started, here’s a final tip from Lara, “As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, keep a positive outlook and make time for new beginnings, whatever that means to you, I promise that a new romance, new goal or new adventure is around the corner for you! So, get out there, make the most of it!”

The Matchmaker UK offers a discreet, confidential and bespoke introduction service. If you’re ready to reboot your dating life this spring, please get in touch with us now.