Almost half of single people around the world are ready to reset their approach to dating, according to research from popular dating app Bumble. Data also shows that dating app burnout is in full effect – with more singles actively prioritising mental health and wellbeing over swiping left and right.

Given the negative impact of dating apps on mental health, it may be wise to consider an alternative approach to dating altogether. The Matchmaker UK offers singles a unique and personalised approach to dating. Paired with a matchmaker, you’ll no longer have to worry about matching with someone who is emotionally unavailable or unsure of their dating plan.

To reflect the impact of the pandemic on dating, new terms like “fast-forwarding”, “explori-dating”, “consciously single”, “dry dating”, “power PDA”, and “hardballing” were also introduced by Bumble.

“Hardballing” refers to the conscious act of thinking hard about what you really desire in a partner. While the term was introduced in 2021, it is likely to continue into 2022. The majority of those surveyed (61% globally) state they now place emotional availability at the top of their dating list. Only 23% said they care less about physical appearance.

Additionally, more than half of respondents spend more time thinking about what their type is. A similar majority are choosing to consciously stay single – believing that it’s perfectly okay to remain uncoupled for a short period of time.

Interestingly, 54% of respondents said that they will be more intentional about dating, specifically in relation to how and when they choose to date.

More than 34% of daters are likely to consider going on a dry date. Data from the University of Sheffield study also backs this up. The study showed that alcohol consumption fell between March and June 2020, compared to a year ago.

Public displays of affection, or “power PDA”, is also trending on the rise. With higher vaccination rates, more couples are open to showing their affection in public.

In 2022, in a post-pandemic landscape, data from Bumble shows that many singles will look to discover new date spots, new people and new ways of dating.

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