The Best Moment to Be Matched: According to Experts


The first week of January is notably the best time to meet someone new. That’s because online dating sites and platforms are bustling with a new inflow of singles around the New Year period. As single men and women anticipate the harsh winter ahead, many turn their attention to focus on dating and finding someone new. Luckily, The Matchmaker UK reopens its doors for another magical year of matchmaking on 4 January, just in time to pair you up with someone special! And if this January is anything like the last, the Matchmaker UK team is preparing for an influx of new unique and enticing personalities to match!


The start of the new year is one of the busiest times for dating. According to, over 50 million messages are sent and 1 million dates take place between 26 December and 14 February. But if online dating isn’t for you, we recommend enlisting the support of a professional and certified matchmaker like Lara Besbrode, Founder and Accredited Matchmaker at The Matchmaker UK. Lara and her team recently wrapped up a spectacular year of matchmaking in 2021, pairing up couples as young as 21, all the way into their 80’s! What’s more, they also celebrated the start of new meaningful relationships, several marriages, and even a pregnancy!


“We’re different because we create unique introductions and experiences for our matches. Unlike dating apps and websites, a personal touch really goes a long way. We pay attention to everything from your dating profile, personal style and even pair each client with a psychotherapist to understand your personality and line you up with a suitable match! No dating app can give you that level of bespoke service.” Lara says.


There’s plenty to look forward to if you’re single. But there’s also a lot to watch out for. In the winter months, many singles will look to cosy up to someone only to leave as soon as the warmer weather hits (blame that dreadful cuffing season!). Worse yet, many won’t have the best of intentions, leaving you heartbroken, ghosted or worse yet, zombied. While dating apps offer ease and convenience, a bespoke and premium matchmaking service offers you access to vetted matches, exclusive pairings and unique date ideas.


“Personally, I’ve been ghosted, zombied and left heartbroken by my past dating experiences. That’s why I founded The Matchmaker UK. I want others to have a true, genuine and kind dating experience regardless of the outcome. We vet our clients beforehand, ensuring they have positive intentions and are ready for a meaningful relationship.” Lara adds.


January is undoubtedly a busy and exciting month at The Matchmaker UK. If you’re ready to meet your match, take advantage of the optimal timing and contact Lara at The Matchmaker UK today. Start your year on a positive note and let Lara’s team of dating experts guide you through the process of finding your perfect match!